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Shopping For A Cause

   You can simply and passively help animal rescues by signing up for donation programs. The initial setup may take a minute, but these are gifts that keep on giving.

   When you look at a program like 'Smile Amazon', you may think donating less than 1% is fairly useless. However, for some of the more popular rescues, this tiny amount actually can become significant. You just have to remember to go to Smile Amazon when checking out. Initially, the site may redirect you to Smile, but over time that function seems to disappear.
   Ralph's supermarket (Kroger) has the Community Contribution Program. You just need to create an account online, link your credit card to your shopper's card (which you can get in store), and choose your beneficiary. You do not need a Ralph's credit card.
  The Roundup App allows you to increase your purchase price to the nearest dollar on credit card or debit purchases. Then that amount is taken from your checking account and donated as a lump sum to the charity of your choice. We were told by a customer service rep that, unlike Acorns or other round up programs, you can utilize the service without a checking account. The roundup would take place strictly on the card itself. There is a one time donation of $1 to test the validity of the credit card chosen and you can add a maximum donation cap to the card.
   iGive is a site with 2,000+ retailers like Walmart and Petco. Just sign up and choose a rescue, then make purchases at your favorite store using their button. Percentages vary among retailers, so compare Petco to Petsmart and buy where the donation is higher, as long as the product price is comparable.
   When you shop on Ebay, be sure to use the 'filter' application. There's a specific button that will show you products that benefit charity (hit the 'show more' arrow) Why wouldn't you use it? And consider buying as much as possible from eEbay stores that are actually run by rescues like Puffy Paws Kitty Haven and Delaware Valley Second Chance For Animals 
   Greatergood gives meals to pets when you make purchase. No better place to find a wide range of paw print themed gifts. Combined with free shipping offers and outlet/sales purchases, it's a win-win deal.
   There are donation programs you might want to steer clear of. Sometimes, companies offer to donate $1 or a percentage when you buy their product. Unless you have a real need or desire for that particular item, you'd be better off just donating $2 or a higher percentage straight to the cause. Also, some companies donate to preselected charities which are often mega charities. Your donation will essentially pay the CEO's inflated salary, so what's the point. Give wisely.
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