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Our Favorite Products 

Over the years, we've stumbled across some really useful and just plain fun gizmos, gadgets and more. And most of them at prices you can't say no to.

We found a light up l.e.d. dog leash at the 99 Cents Only store and jumped on it. Unless you walk your dog midday, chances are daylight savings will have you in the dark at some point. While this awesome bargain may no longer be available at this particular store, you can find almost anything (even discontinued items) on Ebay.

Many cats love catnip, but it can be so messy to try and refill a toy or sprinkle on top of a cardboard scratcher. Smarty Kat makes both a catnip spray and a marker pen that truly work. Both priced under $5 and available at Chewy. 

If your dog or cat has ever been sick and refused to eat, you know how stressful it can be. It doesn't take long for organ damage to occur, so getting food into their system can be critical. While this Tomlyn supplement isn't going to be enough to nourish a pet long term, it can bridge the gap until they start to eat on their own again. It's especially useful for cats since they can be nearly impossible to force feed. You can just stick it on their paw and they'll lick it off. You can also use it as a pill pocket alternative, to coat pills.

If you find yourself using potty pads, but the dog tears them up or the cat tries to bury them, this potty pad holder might be worth checking out. Fake grass pads are popular, but it takes quite a bit of time and energy to keep them clean. These are so much easier. Iris is a solid brand that you can usually find on Amazon, Chewy and Tractor Supply. 

And finally, just for kicks, everybody should have a rainbow assortment of paw print stampers. The kids will love them. Add them to your snail mail correspondence and brighten someone's day. Available at Oriental Trading Company.
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