What is the best way to help animals when you don't have much time or money? The answer is whatever won't overwhelm you and will keep you wanting and able to donate on a regular basis. So often, people start off enthusiastically and bite off more than they should. They donate large amounts to several causes or sign up for...

So this is a tough question because the general thought is that you shouldn't own animals if you can't afford to take care of them. However, it's not always that cut and dry. You tell your kids they can't have a pet and, the next thing you know, they bring home a scrawny little kitten and you don't have...

Don't let the regal profile fool you. This little guy was rescued off the streets of Los Angeles and promptly started lunging at anyone and any dog that came within biting distance. He was successfully rehabilitated through patience and peanut butter. This dog's behavior was so extreme that there really wasn't any choice but to deal with it...


What Is The Animal Rescue Shop?

It's a hobby business based in Southern California that fundraises and sells products to help non-profits and individual pet owners in need. 


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