Baby It's Cold Outside

Even in California, it's starting to get unpleasant at night. If pets are lucky, they get to snuggle up next to you under the electric blanket. However, there are circumstances which lead pet owners to leave pets in pet beds, their own room, the garage, outside and even in the car or RV.
Keeping them warm is a lot easier with companies like K&H Pet Products. They have beds, pads and soft sided houses made with warming devices that plug into an outlet. This is the perfect choice for a pet who is not allowed on or can't jump onto the bed.
Then there are heating pads that are weather resistant and can be used outside in sheltered areas near an outlet. They are made of hard plastic and come in a variety of sizes. These are great for feral cats and outdoor dog houses. Be advised, they are not rainproof. You may also consider their microwaveable pads for dog houses that are too far from an outlet or for indoor animals that need extra warmth in a spot that lacks an outlet.
We've met and have read about people who were evicted and forced to live in their cars. Often times, they choose this as an alternative to abandoning their pet and staying in a motel. (Although there are several motel and hotel chains that welcome pets and we will be highlighting them in a future article). Battery operated blankets do not have the greatest ratings because the heat doesn't last through the night. However, they're better than nothing and can be strategically used during those chilly, early morning hours. They also make smaller items like socks and scarves which may work for longer periods of time. Additionally, some blankets have USB cords that can be use with a power source. Whatever your situation, you can make life more comfortable for your pets if you know where to look.