DIY Cat Lady Multi Feeder

Even if you only have one cat, you may resort to using paper plates when you don't feel like cleaning yet another dish. The problem is that most cats can't figure out how to pick food straight up or use their paw to hold the plate. And if you have more than two cats, you're going to find yourself using your hands and feet to keep the plates from sliding around.
Enter the dollar store.* Just buy any placemat with a bit of weight to it. Look around for some small, plastic chip clips. Grab a tiny tube of super glue and maybe some stickers for flair. The only logistical issue is where to place the clips. If you put them near the center, cats may be in each other's faces. If you put them near the outer edge, the cats may be able to push the mat up and cause a ripple. You also need to be careful not to glue the clips to the floor or table beneath the mat.
Voila. Easy peasy. And now you'll be the envy of all your friends. And by friends, we mean your cats.
*The poinsettia mats were purchased at the 99 Cent Store. The large gold mat was purchased at Big Lots.