How To Help Rescues Right Now


   What is the best way to help animals when you don't have much time or money? The answer is whatever won't overwhelm you and will keep you wanting and able to donate on a regular basis. So often, people start off enthusiastically and bite off more than they should. They donate large amounts to several causes or sign up for extensive volunteer duty and then burn out or are forced to stop giving due to finances.

   Start off small. Setting up recurring donations for $5 is actually better than randomly dropping $50. Rescues can better plan if they know how much to expect each month. And be choosy about who deserves your money. Use Charity Navigator to look at how charities spend their resources. As for volunteering, be realistic. If you don't think you have time to walk the dogs or set up events, then consider dropping off supplies. Every time you hit Costco or Sam's Club, cherry pick a couple of rolls of paper towels or trash bags to set aside for a weekly or monthly delivery. If you find that easy enough, then move on to making crafts or baked goods for the events. You can also do things on your own terms and timeframe like having a charity yard sale. Anything you can swing will be appreciated.