Last Minute Gifts For Pet Owners

Still undecided? Not a problem. Christmas is a time for gifts that aren't necessarily practical. So many people want to know their dog's breed and history, but don't want to spend the money. That's where you come in. Give your loved one their own dog in a new light. Although we have not tested DNA kits, Embark is highly rated and offers an upgrade that covers genetic health conditions, which can help a pet owner prepare for the future (especially when choosing pet insurance).
 If your friend or family member has an itchy dog or one with any type of skin, bowel or upper respiratory issues, consider an at home allergy test kit. AtMyPet yields a comprehensive list of potential allergens. One of our clients used this company with great results. Eliminating the foods with the highest allergy ranking tempered the dog's inflamed skin and prescription drugs became unnecessary.
If test kits are out of your price range, how about something just for fun. What could be more hilarious than a cat or dog face on a driver's license. MyPetDMV allows the pet owner to add all their pet's stats to a realistic looking license. Reasonably priced at $19.99, what's not to love.
For a pet who's on the naughty list this year, wrap up an Etsy gift card where pet owners can purchase a personalized mugshot starting at just $9.90.
Whatever your budget and procrastination level, there's something perfect waiting to be found. And don't forget about cat and dog subscription boxes. Happy Holiday Hunting!