How To Deal With Bad Behavior


Don't let the regal profile fool you. This little guy was rescued off the streets of Los Angeles and promptly started lunging at anyone and any dog that came within biting distance. He was successfully rehabilitated through patience and peanut butter. This dog's behavior was so extreme that there really wasn't any choice but to deal with it immediately. Other dogs, with less offensive behavior, may be allowed to get away with their antics, but that's a mistake. There's no reason to put up with anything that causes stress or destruction. Training seems like a daunting task, but you should think about it like cleaning. If you put in a little effort every week, then you won't have a hot mess at the end of the month or year. 

If you choose to use a professional, know that you will absolutely have to pick up right where they left off. Trainers can't fix your dog alone. If you choose diy, then do some google research before you start. Different methods are appropriate for different situations. You don't need a shock collar for a dog that steals socks. A dog that bites may need a shock collar, but you should start with the least aggressive method first (shock collars typically have sound and vibration functions as well).

Having trained several aggressivs dogs, we can tell you that food is a powerful motivator. So is praise. Often, the most vicious looking dogs are just scared dogs. If you provide a calm, predictable environment and routine, the dog will likely become more secure and less reactive. That being said, if you've taken responsibility for a dog with a history of aggression, you cannot take any chances. Muzzles in public are a must. To get the dog used to a muzzle, put some peanut butter on it and let him lick it off a few times before attempting to put it on. We like Baskerville brand. You also need to use a collar that the dog can't slip out of. A martingale is the standard. Mendota makes a leash with a martingale collar attached. You can find most of these products on Amazon, Chewy and Ebay