How To Help An Animal When You Don't Have Money


So this is a tough question because the general thought is that you shouldn't own animals if you can't afford to take care of them. However, it's not always that cut and dry. You tell your kids they can't have a pet and, the next thing you know, they bring home a scrawny little kitten and you don't have the heart to send it to the pound. At the time, you probably think you can swing it. But medical issues can arise and cause dilemmas for those living paycheck to paycheck. 

Knowledge is power. Before you give your pet to a rescue or euthanize it, make some phone calls. You might be surprised to find out that the office visit charge for an emergency clinic is the same price as a regular vet. Just having a vet do an exam can reveal vital information that will help you make a better informed decision. The queensland heeler dog pictured here was hit by a car. The neighbors called The Animal Rescue Shop to save it. Ours funds were very limited, but we paid for the office visit to see what could be done. As it turned out, there were no broken bones and no surgery required. The paralysis he was experiencing subsided with crate rest and at-home, rehabilitation therapy. He was then adopted to a woman with a farm in Washington state.

Don't fear the unknown. Ask questions. Many vets take Care Credit, Scratch Pay, and some do allow installments. Google like crazy. Just be sure you only take advice from medical/veterinary sites. If you read something on 'happy pets forever .com', it may not be accurate. GoFundMe has a list of resources to help pet owners with sick pets. Just Answer is one of our favorite sites because you can often find situations identical to yours and get solid advice from vets and techs. You can even ask your own question for a reasonable fee. For some conditions, there are over the counter human drugs that can be used on pets. There are so many solutuons at your fingertips these days. You can even sell something in a few minutes on Facebook Marketplace. Tell people why you're selling and your item might sell faster. Just don't give up before you even try.